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Request to Approve Comment

lundi 21 mai 2007, par Mind Deprogramming

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xxxx’s Comment :

"renato asked me Why do they tell you its not about size.You and i know that is pure bull,I had an experience like this my self.Im going to tell you something that i was asked not to leak out but my so called friend hasent called me for sometime now since he’s been busy.Ok he went from having a small yang to a monster in no time at all.he has put on three and a half inches in a short time ,an get this it’s still getting bigger.He has been secretly taking these tabs from NOCKIN.COM copy and paste the address into your browser.I found out when I was at his flat, three saturdays ago, we were getting ready to go to the music shop, so while he was in the can, I went in his room, looked under his bed and found a bag with tabs in it, there was like eight full packs and four empty ones, all ordered from NOCKIN.COM I thought it was funny at first but then when he came out and saw me looking at them, he lost it and told me to never let his little secret out,especially chicks that he has been dating for the past while, now that I think of it, he has been rather busy with all the honeys in the zone, when just a while back he was lost when it came to females.I diden’t believe him until he layed it all on the table, I did see his stick and yes, it is huge,really huge, the thickest and longest one I ever seen. I know this sounds really shallow, but I am considering ordering eight packs from the website at NOCKIN.COM for yours trully.. he does not have a web page, so he is not gonna see this. They guarentee that the jells will work on any man, or they give you your money back,Im living proof that they do work on any guy, see for your self.NOCKIN.COM O67244136"

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